Explore your intuition through superior analytics

Marketing Analytics

a&p effectiveness

Quantified evaluation of A&P spend, media vs. media, campaign vs. campaign - for multi-year as well as short-term effects, interaction between media (TV & click-throughs)

Price optimization

We can estimate optimum prices for the short and long-term, by brand, and provide evidence for optimum prices for brand-building and long-term profit vs. short-term sales maximisation.

Distribution optimisation

The relationship between sales and distribution is non-linear… where you are NOT is as important as where you are. We can advise on distribution strategy for your portfolio

Range Optimisation

Product ranges can be too broad as well as too narrow, leading to stock outs of the fastest-selling lines. We can assess the effect of this on sales and recommend optimal ranges.

Brand positioning & segmentation

Our segmentations are market-specific for maximum brand differentiation. Linked with brand growth/decline, you can identify the optimum positioning for your brands.

cohort analysis & long term forecasting

With markets which have a specific age for product adoption, you can predict long-term market growth or decline, even forecast peaks and troughs. This can give accurate long term forecast for brands and markets.

Scenario exploration

Exploration of long-term futures for markets based on economic, demographic, technological, climate and other factors. This can identify and scale opportunities and dangers missed in day-to-day business)

Income equivalence

It is possible to estimate the monetary equivalent of non-monetary benefits, and so maximise customer and employee satisfaction at minimum cost

Financial & Business


Using discounted cash flow models with a discount rate linked to the cost of capital for the company / project. Then applying appropriate scenario analysis to create a band of values alongside “black swan” scenarios

Strategy Development

Based on the dynamics of the industry, the competitive forces and the technological developments, develop a coherent strategy for the business or division

Business planning

From the strategy, model action plans, P&Ls and balance sheets for the future years which can be valued

Operational Optimisation

Within business or division apply rigorous analytical techniques to optimise operational performance. This will include Robotic Process Automation as well as Artificial Intelligence tools

Financial Structure

Optimise the financial structure of the company to maximise the market capitalisation, including optimal dividend payments and capex expenditure

Taxation impact modelling

Structuring new initiatives in the most tax efficient way as well as optimising the overall tax structure for the benefit of the shareholders

Corporate finance

Advise in any M&A negotiation, raise finance in the most efficient manner, and execute the transaction in the best possible way from a finance and legal point of view

Restructiing and process reengineering

We will map the processes currently undertaken & compare with the optimal process with both RPA as well as Artificial Intelligence in mind and execute the necessary initiatives

… organisations that strongly agree that the use of business information and analytics differentiates them within their industry were 2x as likely to be top performers…

“The New Intelligent Enterprise” MIT Sloan & IBM

About the Planning business

Why we do analytics better

  • We combine extensive knowledge of analytics techniques with wide practical business experience in strategic marketing and finance in medium to large organisations across many business areas
  • We understand how markets differ and how analytics should be applied differently
  • We understand the importance of long-term effects and brand building and how to differentiate this from short-term immediate effects. This is particularly important for correctly assessing effectiveness of different media (e.g. TV in combination with/vs website) & optimum pricing strategies
  • Getting analytics used and embedded in organisations is as essential as carrying out analyses  - workshops to understand how to use analyses and building tools to make them readily available are an important part of our offering

Techniques & Tools we use

  • Simplest possible logical analysis  & clear creative charts to explain a situation wherever possible (don’t try to blind with science)
  • However where it IS necessary, we deploy various statistical techniques - multiple regression analyses, factor & cluster analysis, conjoint…
  • Build Excel models to make results easy to use (range from simple to complex VBA models)

Piloting new ideas & exploring issues affordably

Because we are an independent boutique consultancy with considerable expertise but relatively low costs, we are particularly suited to:

  • Test out proof of concept of your new ideas affordably
  • Pilot projects before major commitment
  • Economically test big issue ideas with a very experienced team ahead of expensive “full scale” investigation by a top 10 consultancy
  • Enable you to respond to new input and new information/insights from tests before major investment

5 good reasons to use us as quantitative consultants

Broad Experience

Our experience allows us to explore many important issues in strategic marketing and finance

Skills & Expertise

We have the skills and expertise to quantify the effects of alternative strategies in volumetric and financial terms

Creative approach

Have a creative approach to find new ways to solve problems

Cost effective

Are a highly cost-effective way of piloting new ideas and exploring issues - before you spend large sums with top 10 consultancies. Our explorations are focussed and will not have pressure to lead to project inflation

Actionable Reports

We understand the essential importance of results being understood and used by relevant personnel to translate into action – we are not just ‘report-delivery quants’

Our People

Joe Yasin

Joe has extensive experience in applying analytical techniques to optimise the effect of marketing levers on clients brands, customers and consumers (price, advertising, promotions, distribution).

He has worked for 20 years with The Planning Business for major organisations worldwide. He has been a main board director of top 20 advertising agencies as Planning Director and Account Director. He was educated in Natural Science at Oxford and has qualifications in economics and statistics.

Joe has been quantitative judge for the IPA Advertising awards 3 times and been a visitng lecturer at the Judge Business School in Cambridge


Stefs specialities include data analysis, research, Excel & VBA modelling, operational systems and processes,

He has worked as a consultant in telecommunications, financial, advertising, FMCG and health industries. He has a First class Hons Ecological Science degree from Edinburgh


We have worked with leading companies and organisations in…
Soft drinks
Travel & tourism
Alcoholic drinks
Newspapers & Magezines
Media Groups
Baby Food
Financial Services
Transport & logistics
Housing Associations

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